Level IIIa UHMWPE Body Armor Plates 10”x12”


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Guard Dog Body Armor UHMWPE-IIIA-PLATE: Guard Dog Body Armor’s Level IIIa ceramic 10”x12” plates are made from a combination of Alumina and PE, meeting the NIJ standard 0101.06 Level IIIa standards. These level 3a plates are single curl with a waterproof polyester cover. These ultralight plates are some of the lightest on the market that still offers 3a protection, and weighs less than 15oz each! These plates are a must-have if you are looking for lightweight protection. These ceramic plates are also a great option for children or smaller-framed individuals who cannot carry a lot of weight.

NIJ Level 3a: Tested by the US National Testing System to stop 9mm rounds traveling at speeds up to 1400 ft/s and .44 magnum rounds.

Sold Individually, if you would like to order a set, simply select QTY (2). 


Single Plate, Per Pair

Guard Dog Body Armor is your one stop source for tactical plate carriers, body armor and bullet proof plates.

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