Legal Notice

Important Notice: Protecting Your Safety and Rights

Guard Dog Body Armor has always made your protection its top priority. We’ve taken extensive measures to ensure your safety, including securing comprehensive liability insurance through Markel Insurance Group to cover any issues related to faulty equipment or malfunctions, whether they affect a person, property, or premises.

Understanding Limitations: It’s crucial to acknowledge that nothing is truly “bulletproof.” Various factors influence the effectiveness of armor in stopping projectiles, and inherent dangers persist in such situations.

Responsible Sales Policy:

We sell armor exclusively to law-abiding adults without felony convictions or affiliations with criminal organizations. Please be aware that residents of Connecticut cannot purchase body armor from us. We ship only to states where body armor is permitted. Familiarize yourself with your local and federal laws before making a purchase.

Assumption of Risk: When you make a purchase, you assume all risks related to its use or misuse. You agree not to hold us liable in any manner.

Proper Installation: You are responsible for correctly inserting and installing your ballistic panels. Guard Dog Body Armor and its affiliates bear no liability in this regard.

No Additional Warranties: We do not provide any additional warranties beyond what is explicitly stated here. Statements, images, or descriptions are for informational purposes and do not constitute warranties of any kind.

Waiver of Legal Action: By purchasing our products, you agree never to initiate legal action in any court regarding disputes arising from the purchase and sale of our products or any involvement of our affiliates.

Validity of Terms: If any part of these terms is deemed invalid by a court, it does not affect the validity of the remaining terms. Headings are for convenience only and do not modify these Terms. These terms may be updated without prior notice.

Thank you for choosing Guard Dog Body Armor. Your safety and is of utmost importance to us.


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