Guard Dog Body Armor Adjustable Duty Belt


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Guard Dog Body Armor DUTYBELT-BLK-M: This incredibly heavy-duty range/duty belt from Guard Dog Body Armor is exactly what you need to carry additional tactical accessories such as medical kits, mag pouches, extra ammunition, or anything else you might need in the field or on the flat range. This padded belt is the perfect addition to your kit and is ideal for shooting enthusiasts, law enforcement officers, or military personnel.

This particular model is a 2-belt system consisting of a padded inner belt and stiff outer belt. The 2-inch wide outer belt is lined with premium laser-cut MOLLE reinforced with scuba webbing, capable of attaching various holsters, mag carriers, dump pouches, medical kits, or any other gear. The outer belt is designed to be used in conjunction with the included anti-slip padded inner belt. This belt system is incredibly comfortable, yet stiff and rigid enough to not bend under pressure. Don’t believe us? Load this belt up with kit and hold it straight out in front of you.

Medium belt is designed to be adjusted from 34″-39″. 

Large belt is designed to be adjusted from 40″ – 45″. 


Large, Medium

Guard Dog Body Armor is your one stop source for tactical plate carriers, body armor and bullet proof plates.

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