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Multi Hit Level IV Ceramic Body Armor Plates M4+


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In these turbulent times, you want to make sure you are protected, and these Level IV+ Standalone plates from Guard Dog Body Armor are here to do just that! These armor plates are Level IV+ 0101.06 NIJ tested, meaning they are shot with at least 5 rounds of .30 caliber armor-piercing (AP) bullets at 50′, 2800ft/s (U.S. Military designation M2 AP). These plates are constructed of Alumina+PE and are covered in a waterproof polyester/nylon covering.

These are a single curve plate and feature a shooter cut that enables the wearer to have a more free range of motion for the arms and allows for more accessible firearms handling and a more natural shouldering position when firing. These are some of if not the strongest and highest protective rated plates on the market. These plates can be worn all day without slowing you down! You want to make sure you are protected, so pick up a set of these Level IV+ Plates from Guard Dog Body Armor today!

Plate Weight: 7.3lbs Per Plate

Plate Size: 9.78″x 11.78″ x .825″


Single Plate, Per Pair

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